The XGRIP 1911c2 is a magazine adapter offered by FDI for the 1911 compact or Officers pistol. The XGRIP 1911c enhances the versatility, look, and feel of the gun.

Versatility: Size of a Compact, Capacity of a Full-Size

The patented XGRIP 19112c adapts the full size ACT-MAG 1911.45 acp 1911 8 round magazine with plastic floorplate to function and blend into the frame of the compact 1911 Officers pistol.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The XGRIP has been designed to flow seamlessly into the design of the 1911 handgun itself, reinforcing the aesthetics of the classic 1911 look. Its unique design is based on the anthropometrics of the hand and wrist and results in significantly improved comfort, control and accuracy.

Ease of Use, Safety and Compatibility

The front half of the 2 piece XGRIP bayonets over the magazine plastic floorplate. Then the back half bayonets into the front piece locking securely onto the mag. No tools are required. Once installed, the XGRIP completely encloses and protects the extended magazine and floorplate. Compatible only with the Act-Mag / NOVAK and Mec-Gar (model 17-7PH) 1911 brand magazines.


The XGRIP is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure durability under extreme conditions, built to exacting standards and tolerances to provide a secure fit and a uniform finish.