One Piece Snap On Mag Adapter

  1. Slide the XGRIP over a factory P226 9mm magazine (or similar), invert and position one side over edge of table top.
  2. Push down hard on the center of the floorplate snapping that side of the XGRIP over the floorplate, rotate and snap in other side.
  3. To disassemble: place base of grip extender against flat surface. Press down one side, unsnapping that side of grip extender. Rotate and unsnap other side.

Two Piece Mag Adapter

  1. Slide front half of XGRIP over full size magazine, with floorplate seated at the base of the adapter.
  2. Slide back cap over rear of magazine, inserting tabs securely into slots (in front half of XGRIP) until two parts snap together.
  3. To disassemble: Press release button on one side, then other side. Reverse assembly order.

One Piece Slide On Elastomeric Mag Adapter

  1. Slide XGRIP over factory P2000 mag (or similar) until floorplate seats firmly against XGRIP. Squeeze XGRIP sides to secure a seal between mag tube and XGRIP.
  2. To disassemble: Squeeze XGRIP from front to back, collapsing the rear pocket. Simply slide XGRIP up, off the magazine.