The newly released XGRIP P2000SK-P30 offered by FDI is a patent pending OEM factory accessory for HK that enhances the versatility, look, and feel of the gun.

Versatility: Size of a Compact, Capacity of a Full-Size

The XGRIP adapts the HK P30 hi capacity magazine for use in the P2000SK incorporating the larger magazine into the P2000SK’s grip, and increasing the gun’s capacity to 15 rounds in 9mm and 13 rounds in .40 cal. Law enforcement and military personnel can carry the P2000SK with a standard magazine when concealment is important, then insert the full size p30 high capacity magazine with the XGRIP P2000SK when maximum firepower and capacity become critical.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The XGRIP has been designed to flow seamlessly into the design of the handgun itself, reinforcing the aesthetics of the classic HK look. Its unique design is based on the anthropometrics of the hand and wrist and results in significantly improved comfort, control and accuracy.

Ease of Use, Safety and Compatibility

The XGRIP slips over the full size magazine and interlocks into place around the floorplate. No tools are required. Compatible with factory HK P30 magazines. Increasing capacity from 10 to 15 rounds for the 9mm, and from 9 to 13 rounds for the .40S&W.


The XGRIP is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure durability even under extreme environmental conditions, built to exacting standards and tolerances to provide a secure fit and a uniform finish.